The Six Sisters of Publishing

Most industries in the United States are controlled by less than ten corporations. America’s literary industrial complex includes six conglomerates, most foreign-owned that dominate trade publishing:

(Germany): Bertelsmann AG owns 70 imprints including  Random House, Knopf, Ballantine, Crown, Pantheon, Vintage, Bantam Dell, Broadway Doubleday, Anchor, and Villard, Del Rey, Fodor’s and Fawcett that are divided into three groups

(US): Simon & Schuster includes Pocket Books, Free Press, Scribner, Touchstone, Fireside, and Atria Books

(France): Hachette Book Group, USA owns Little Brown and Company and Grand Central Publishing, which has ten imprints

(Australia/News Corp.): HarperCollins includes Harper Paperbacks, Harper Mass Market, HarperOne, HarperBusiness, Avon, William Morrow, and Ecco

(United Kingdom/Pearson): Penguin Group (USA) includes Penguin, Putnam, Viking, Berkley, Signet, Plume, Grosset, Ace, Jeremy P. Tarcher,  Dutton, Penguin Press, Perigee and Portfolio

(Germany/Holtzbrinck): Macmillan U.S. includes Henry Holt and Company, St. Martin’s Press, and Farrar, Straus & Giroux

Five important midsize houses:
•    Hyperion, part of Disney, so it has deep pockets
•    Perseus, which has 13 imprints
•    John Wiley, which only does nonfiction
•    Kensington,which specializes in romance but does most genre fiction
•    Harlequin, the Queen of romance

Adapted from How to Write a Book Proposal by Michael Larsen.

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